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Digital Transformation: Fiber Mountain's Middle Name

June 27, 2017

The wheels of progress turn with purpose, innovation is driving digital transformation and at the epicenter is the data center. Pioneering the data center shift is Fiber Mountain, which recently put its new wares on display at Interop ITX, and this week at Cisco Live unveiled an expanded roster of offerings.

With Cisco Live serving as center stage, the Glass Core Company announced the arrival of myriad of offerings, including a new AllPath OPX Layer 1 Optical Path Exchange as well as new families of Fiber Port Aggregators.

The newly announced AP-4300 OPX family provides choice, offering Single Mode and MultiMode managed optical connectivity for 25Gbps/100Gbps Ethernet networks. Then, the recently released LS-2000 family offers nine new 2RU models that support MultiMode and Single Mode fiber top breakout or aggregate 24 fiber MPO, 12 fiber MPO, or 8 fiber MPO interfaces to LC or MPO connectivity.

Managing these new products is the Fiber Mountain AllPath Director (APD) orchestration software – of which, version 3.0 was announced from

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the show as well. The platform provides industry leading orchestration, but it’s new features like the Audit Trail of all actions taken and live Network Documentation of the entire infrastructure of layer 1 connections and devices that put it heads and tails above the pack.

“The addition of these new products to our Glass Core portfolio, along with updated APD orchestration capabilities, continues to enhance the evolving dynamic data center network infrastructure. The Glass Core-based managed and dynamic network infrastructure increases overall operations efficiency in data center networks,” said M. H. Raza, CEO of Fiber Mountain.

New capabilities added to APD 3.0 include the ability to view the status of all in use, reserved and open ports; discovery and provisioning of the new AP-4300 OPX models; a new Port ID screen that allows operators to reserve and label physical layer ports; and discovery and configuration of Fiber Mountain’s L-Series Fiber Port Aggregators and Breakouts.

The data center is where the magic begins in our era of digital transformation. As we reach new levels of automation, virtualization and software-defined solutions, the future can begin to take shape. It’s firms like Fiber Mountain, existing on the precipice of the bleeding edge of technology, that are pointing industry in a future-forward direction.

 How is your infrastructure transforming?

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