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  • Aquantia, a developer of data center hardware including integrated circuits, semiconductors, complete data centers, and network switches has announced its release of the new QuantumStream data center interconnect that uses copper instead of fiber to reach 100 gigabit per second transmission speed.

  • Pluribus Networks this week at the Open Network User's Group event in New York unveiled its Open Data Center Interconnection solution.

  • The completion of Dell's acquisition of EMC resulted in creating the largest privately-controlled tech company. When the deal was finalized, Dell EMC announced it was looking to solve complex problems across a wide range of growth industry sectors, including hybrid cloud, software-defined data cente…

  • It's no secret. The enterprise down to SMB, have the networking need for speed. The thirst for high performance, agility and reliability in the data center and network is serving as impetus for the digital transformation taking place. And as the great Ferris Bueller once said, "Life moves pretty fas…

  • The demands on the typical network continue to grow as consumers and businesses alike strive for access to more content, information, applications and entertainment. Transforming network infrastructure is a must, which is driving the need for collaboration among industry providers focused on leverag…

  • Accenture is a provider of consulting services alongside mobility, marketing, and analytics services to help businesses improve the performance of their operations. Its latest target is Hess Corporation, a global energy company that produces oil and natural gas resources, to help Hess complete its "…

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Building Momentum into 2017

Many people have asked me what Fiber Mountain has been up to this year. Here is a look at the key highlights of the year so far ...

It's Alive! The Revival of the Data Center Optical Cross-Connect

After a decade of minimal innovation, the data center optical cross-connect market is roaring back to life. For years, the primary users for cross-connects were carrier networks and the largest multi-tenant data centers.

Is SDN the Ethernet of the 80's or ATM of the 90's?

Everyone knows what Ethernet is, but how many people who started their careers in the past fifteen years have heard of ATM? No, not Automatic Teller Machine - Asynchronous Transfer Mode, a technology that dominated the hype cycle in the 90's and then disappeared from public awareness, despite the fact that many applications still make use of it today.

OPX - Taking Test Automation to a New Level

Enterprises are re-evaluating their data center infrastructure in unprecedented numbers, as hybrid cloud makes its way into real-world applications and early adopters display the benefits of moving to more flexible SDN architectures.

CrossCage Plus - Automated Cross Connects for Colocation Data Centers

The cost and time involved in provisioning cross connects within multi-tenant colocation data centers is one of the biggest frustrations for the businesses they serve. The standard process requires manual provisioning by on-site technicians, and takes days or even weeks to complete even when everything goes smoothly.

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