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  • Like many businesses, Cradlepoint is working to transform itself into a cloud-based service provider. But the company, which is best known for selling wireless routers, is unique in that it has technology powerhouse SoftBank as its partner for the ride.

  • Who remembers the movie, I Robot? More than a few years old, this movie took us down the path of potential danger when artificial intelligence (AI) is given too much power in a human-dominated world. Not the first sci-fi approach to the concept of AI and what it can mean for our future, but you can'…

  • From optical to SDN, the cloud and virtualization, the data center is experiencing a renaissance of innovation. Improving efficiency, security, performance and more, it is an exciting time to have a front row seat to the transformation of network infrastructure. With the weekend upon us, there's no …

  • The use of software-defined networking (SDN) is increasingly common in business today, and businesses are starting to see the value that comes from improving the network via abstraction and making the network a bit more flexible. Recently, Cologix took advantage of that flexibility itself in its Tor…

  • It may be the greatest thing about technology; when one technology is realized and mastered, it can be put to work in strange and unexpected ways, sometimes giving rise to completely new technologies. Just as fire gave way to steam and steam to the internal combustion engine, technology can be just …

  • The prpl Foundation was created to support the development of open source software and virtualized data center architectures to make it easy and efficient for businesses to develop and deploy software while also making it easy for consumers to get the tools they need for their personal and professio…

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It's Alive! The Revival of the Data Center Optical Cross-Connect

After a decade of minimal innovation, the data center optical cross-connect market is roaring back to life. For years, the primary users for cross-connects were carrier networks and the largest multi-tenant data centers.

Is SDN the Ethernet of the 80's or ATM of the 90's?

Everyone knows what Ethernet is, but how many people who started their careers in the past fifteen years have heard of ATM? No, not Automatic Teller Machine - Asynchronous Transfer Mode, a technology that dominated the hype cycle in the 90's and then disappeared from public awareness, despite the fact that many applications still make use of it today.

OPX - Taking Test Automation to a New Level

Enterprises are re-evaluating their data center infrastructure in unprecedented numbers, as hybrid cloud makes its way into real-world applications and early adopters display the benefits of moving to more flexible SDN architectures.

CrossCage Plus - Automated Cross Connects for Colocation Data Centers

The cost and time involved in provisioning cross connects within multi-tenant colocation data centers is one of the biggest frustrations for the businesses they serve. The standard process requires manual provisioning by on-site technicians, and takes days or even weeks to complete even when everything goes smoothly.

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