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Cisco Calls on Glass Core Company for Optical Transport Assistance

February 22, 2017

In every business vertical the goal is summiting the mountain; sure, some are in it for the money, others the power or the glory. But, then there are always those with a laser-like focus on transformation, making future forward solutions that make the challenges of today relics of the past. A firm finding its path in this software-defined era of network transformation is Fiber Mountain.

This week, the Glass Core Company unveiled its newest partnership with Cisco, solidifying the startup’s industry leading position. Fiber Mountain developed an extension to its Glass Core range of Fiber Port Aggregators to cohesively operate with the Cisco NCS 1002 optical transport platform. The result: the LS-2520 QSFP Breakout, which offers direct port mapping for orderly breakout of Cisco NCS 1002 QSFP ports to LC connections with per-port LEDs.

“We are excited to partner with Cisco’s NCS team to deliver the most efficient integrated QSFP breakout solution available for the NCS 1002 that maps ports directly,” said M. H. Raza, CEO of Fiber Mountain.

The NCS 1002 offers eight high speed 250 Gbps DWDM trunk ports and 20 QSFP ports, capable of working with QSFP+ transceivers for 10

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Gbps and 40 Gbps applications in addition to QSFP28 transceivers for 100 Gbps applications. For transport both within and between Points-of-Presence (PoP) and data centers this translates into 2 Tbps capacity.

“The Fiber Mountain team has created the a great companion to the NCS 1002 that simplifies operations for break-out applications and Cisco is enthusiastic about early customer feedback,” said Sushin Suresan, Product Manager, Cisco.

Recent months have been chock full of success for Fiber Mountain; what was once one of Connecticut’s best kept secrets has made its way to center stage. From first-of-its-kind solutions and partnerships, to garnering ‘Cool Vendor’ status from Gartner, the digital transformation is finding a force in Fiber Mountain.

Only time will tell what tomorrow brings…

Edited by Alicia Young

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