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CentraCom Partners with MRV Communications for Network Upgrade

August 10, 2015

MRV Communications provides broadband service providers with hardware and software to improve performance of their optical networks. Its most recent venture is with CentraCom, a Utah-based provider, that will build a 100 Gb core and hopes to improve its network quality for better access to more residential customers throughout the state.

Kevin Arthur, the vice president of network operations at CentraCom, commented on his company's network backbone. He said that the company intends to expand its operations and therefore will need a more reliable infrastructure that can handle increased workloads and remain in line with service level agreements (SLAs).

“CentraCom operates a robust network backbone, therefore it is important that we choose scalable and reliable infrastructure solutions that enable us to streamline service deployments and keep an eye on SLAs,” Arthur said.

“MRV’s solutions enable us to meet the needs of any customer, anywhere throughout our network, while delivering competitive, dependable and responsive services to Utah residents and businesses,” he continued.

CentraCom offers a number of different entertainment and work-related services including broadband Internet, cable TV, mobile backhaul, and business virtual private networks (VPNs). First of all, for residential customers, an upgrade to a 100 Gb core should translate to faster and higher-quality Internet speeds that experience higher uptime and better overall packet transmission. Everything from streaming video to basic data transfer speeds should see improved quality and lower latency.

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Businesses with an interest in security should also find upgrades to the backbone of their VPNs a welcome addition. At enterprises, the speed and reliability of their network connections can mean the difference between success and failure as market leaders. VPNs can also provide a level of security for businesses that open Internet connections cannot, so any improvement to those services could serve to help with data security overall.

CentraCom will have access to the MRV Pro-Vision service orchestration platform that gives IT graphical representations of service quality and compliance with SLAs. It also allows tech teams to perform maintenance on their networks by monitoring each network segment and producing reports on individual segment performance.

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