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MRV and Infonetics Research Talk Multi-Layer Packet-Optical Networks

October 22, 2014

Service providers looking to evaluate or deploy multi-layer networks will be able to find out more about the packet-optical approach thanks to the MRV Communications and Infonetics Research who are teaming up to discuss the topic.

"As bandwidth-hungry traffic continues to grow, service providers are recognizing the efficiency of intelligent, integrated platforms that are designed to meet more modern network requirements,” said Scott Wilkinson, senior director of technical marketing, MRV Communications, a provider of packet and optical solutions.

This subject is not only covered in a 15-page white paper written by Infonetics analyst Andrew Schmitt titled, "The Coming Packet-Optical Migration," but will also be the main discussion during an upcoming webinar the companies will host.

Specifically, the focus will be on how service providers can build more capable and efficient networks by leveraging multi-layer packet-optical approaches.

 “The packet-optical transport system market is also up 35 percent in the first half of 2014, as providers continue to favor packet optical systems that combine optical transport network and Ethernet switching over more complex and expensive carrier Ethernet systems,” explained Schmitt, principal analyst for carrier transport networking at Infonetics Research.

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