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NTT Communications Ups Optical to 400gbps

April 18, 2017

NTT Communications Corp. has begun deploying a 400 gigabit per second optical transmission in data centers. This solution doubles the carrier’s existing per fiber transmission capacity, is more space and power efficient, and is being used in combination with software-defined networking (SDN).

A digital signal processing solution resulting from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.’s research and development efforts, and a 16nm metal-oxide semiconductor technology, allow NTT with this 400gbps deployment to reduce its energy consumer per bps by 75 percent and take up 80 percent less space than the previous system occupied.

This solution also employs 16 quadrature amplitude modulation for amplitude and phase, involves sub-carrier multiple transmission, and offers

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OTN and 400GbE interfaces for enterprises. OTN is a good match for data center users and wholesalers, NTT Communications noted. And the company said the 400GbE interface leverages framing technology that’s compatible with OTUCn.

“Going forward, NTT Comm and NTT will jointly investigate further possibilities, including the deployment of PoC to deliver high-speed Ethernet signals, including 400GbE,” the company said.

NTT Communications added that it was early to adopt digital coherent optical transmission technology, which enabled it to achieve 100 gigabits per second optical transmission to enhance its core optical fiber network and better support cloud and video services. “NTT Comm has now taken practical steps to upgrade to 400G transmission technology due to ever-increasing network demands for higher speeds and more data, including for 4K/8K and other high-resolution video data, the full-fledged expansion of IoT, and big data processing,” the company said.

The company has been a pioneer among the service providers in introducing network functions virtualization (NFV) and SDN in its network, and delivering services based on these technologies to its customers. In late 2013 the company began offering enterprises the ability to use a self-service portal to configure and pay their services. That was enabled by NFV and SDN technology

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