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ECI Launches Managed Security Service

March 14, 2017

ECI has come out with an optical encryption-as-a-service solution aimed as financial, government, medical, and service provider entities. Service providers can use the new solution to build new revenue streams via the introduction of Layer 1 encryption services, according to ECI.

This new solution provides no information to potential hackers about the underlying services. It doesn’t significantly impact latency. It can be used with any kind of service. And it supports per-service encryption of up to 100Gbps, with lines rates of up to 200Gbps.

“In today’s world, information security is a critical business imperative for any institution,” says Jimmy Mizrahi, executive vice president of the global portfolio at ECI. “Communications traffic can be intercepted at any point in the network, via fiber taps for example, thus necessitating encryption to guarantee the integrity of the data being transmitted.”

This new offering complements the LightSEC cybersecurity solution ECI enhanced just last month. It enables service providers to deliver multi-

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tiered managed security services.

Cybersecurity has become a huge concern within both government and business as headlines continuously remind us of how sophisticated and frequent hacks have become. That said, businesses need to protect against hackers and otherwise fortify their efforts to keep their data and other assets secure. Managed security services can help them with that, but without requiring them to spend a lot on new human resources and technology.

“Facing an increasingly hostile threat landscape, businesses of all sizes are struggling to ensure the security of their sensitive data and technology investments,” said Stephan Tallent, senior director of managed security service providers at Fortinet, which earlier this month launched a new program through which it is outfitting managed security service providers with tools and support. “These challenges are driving many organizations to seek out security service providers that have the technical expertise and advanced security offerings that can meet their unique business requirements.” 

Just last month, IBM announced it has added Qualys’ solutions to expand its managed security services.

“IBM is helping some of the largest enterprises in the world lead their markets into a new industrial revolution. Now with the integration of the Qualys Cloud Platform, IBM can build security into the fabric of this digital transformation so their customers can innovate and disrupt before they are disrupted, while reducing the risk of cyber attacks,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO at Qualys.

And last last year, Kaseya rolled out AuthAnvil on-demand, which provides small and mid-sized businesses and managed service providers with a way to secure Microsoft Office 365.

“The growth of the cloud is in a historic phase right now, and Microsoft Office 365 is one of the leading drivers of this advancement. That said, security remains a leading concern for all organizations as corporate data increasingly resides outside IT firewalls. The latest release of Kaseya AuthAnvil locks down two key threat vectors to hybrid cloud environments: endpoint security and network access,” said Mike Puglia, chief product officer for Kaseya. “With Kaseya AuthAnvil, our multiple layers of security checks and balances ensure that access is limited to authorized users only, giving IT leaders peace of mind in the security of their corporate information.”

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