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AI: Is Your Data Center Ready?

October 25, 2017

For decades, science fiction films and novels paint artificial intelligence (AI) as a technology meant to doom us all. From 2001: A Space Odyssey, to The Terminator and iRobot, the threats depicted are unsettling to say the least. Thankfully, these are just stories. Today, AI is growing in prominence as a means to improve operations overall, whether it’s the data center or the contact center. 

In our most recent Transforming Network Infrastructure Community poll we asked, “Has your company evaluated how to integrate AI into your operations workstreams?,” with the results portraying indecision. Let’s unpack them.

Carrying the day was the response of “Yes.” With 50 percent of respondent support this option appears the majority opinion. But what does this entail? Many feel the solution to the dilemma of working for today, and striving to meet the mounting data demands of tomorrow is artificial intelligence. This 50 percent are in line with IDC, as according to the “Worldwide Semiannual Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Guide,” the cognitive/AI solutions space is set to see a CAGR of over 55 percent through 2020 – the market will surpass $47 billion.

In an article for DatacenterDynamics, David Wang hypothesizes that by layering AI on top of robotic automation makes more efficient operations. Offering the example of threat monitoring, Wang explains that not can AI diagnose a threat or breach, but when paired with robotic automation it requires minimal human intervention to resolve the issue.

Next up, the “No’s.” one third of respondents resoundingly say no, while it’s difficult to pinpoint one why, it’s not challenging to throw a few on the table. For starters, it’s expensive. Not all companies possess the resources to devote time and funds toward this type of development. AI is still relatively new to the data center, so yes, it is a common sense next step for those in the space; but it is still in its infancy.

Typically, when new technology advancements occur, unless you are an early adopter, the second wave of adoption is when most movement takes place. Allow me to explain, it is during the first wave of adoption companies will dabble, especially in the data center. Companies create a small deployment to test performance, efficiency, cost etc., from there come larger deployments.

Following up the “No’s” are the “Under Consideration’s” with nearly 17 percent of responses. Frankly, the “No’s” and “Under consideration’s” fall under the same umbrella in my book. If AI is not currently deployed it’s at the very least a “No” today.  

There’s little doubt that one day much of the manual processes of today are fated for automation, and AI will play a major role. I’m not saying early adoption is needed, but one’s due diligence certainly is. As digital transformation takes aim at all points of the enterprise be sure to pay attention. The future is coming fast.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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