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Huawei and TBR Highlight the Transformation in ICT

September 23, 2015

Information and communications technology (ICT) is responsible for transforming the way we do virtually everything in today’s environment. Our smartphones, computers, entertainment, employment, infrastructure and more rely on this technology. However, it is highly dependent on data centers in order to make everything possible. And a new white paper from Huawei and TBR, titled “Operator Cloud Transformation” highlights the role data centers are playing in the transformation of ICT.

According to the paper, telecommunication service providers are facing challenges as they transform their business from network-centric, utility-like business models which were based on legacy systems of the past. Those models are not designed to compete with today’s new business environment that operate with a high degree of flexibility and a converged ICT infrastructure delivering new digital services that are mission-critical.

Staying relevant will require deploying network and data center transformation technologies so they can transition into a more profitable business model with a set of strategic and tactical initiatives.

Studies conducted by TBR have revealed executives and operations in IT for Tier 1 service providers have recognized the very same problems as well as opportunities, and they are making concerted efforts to get their organizations on the road to transformation.

One of the biggest reasons the paper identifies for organizations to make this transformation is to address the open digital ecosystem that is giving customers greater access to content and services. Unlike the business and technology models that locked subscribers into a single operator’s network, that is no longer the case today. Consumers as well as enterprises demand superior quality of service and innovation.

If properly implemented, the ICT infrastructure transformation will benefit service providers with the opportunity to address the gaps that currently exist in the solutions they provide. These gaps exist because providers are lacking the control mechanism to associate services with the network infrastructure along with independent communications and IT silos.

By transforming to converged ICT platforms that supply network and IT parameters to the requirements of the enterprise or consumer, they will be able to provide new generation services. However, there are obstacles to this transformation. The paper sees the need for the change to take place while network and IT systems are still in production delivering today’s services as one of the challenges. Additionally, it depends on fairly immature technologies to make the convergence possible and gain the full benefits of the transformation.

This will require a step-by-step maturity model so service providers can overcome transformation obstacles with a strategic target of a converged and multi-tiered ICT cloud infrastructure. Once this is accomplished, service portals can be created for businesses and consumers for monetizing the infrastructure through customer experience design.

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The appetite of today’s customers, whether it is individual consumers or businesses, has created a market dynamic in which real-time customizable services on demand are becoming the norm. While traditional operators are struggling to capitalize on this market opportunity, new players are adapting and delivering using the very same infrastructure of these operators. The successful ICT infrastructure and cloud transformation highlighted in this paper is essential if operators want to remain relevant beyond maintaining the network.

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