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Huawei Enables OTN-to-CO with New Metro MS-OTN Product

June 26, 2017

Telecoms, data centers and network operators are facing high bandwidth traffic from video and mobile data services placing increased demand on existing infrastructure. The problem is getting worse as more devices become part of the Internet of Things and both consumers and organizations use real time services with cloud computing. One way to address this traffic is by using optical transport, and making the technology as ubiquitous as copper. Huawei is doing its part by launching a new metro Multi-Service Optical Transport (MS-OTN) product called OSN 9800 M24, which, according to the company, will simplify optical networks.

By simplifying optical networks, Huawei is empowering carriers to address the growing bandwidth demand of new services without sacrificing user experience. This means zero congestion, zero packet loss and low latency, which are all requirements of a demanding customer base, from both consumers and organizations.

The services are virtual and augmented reality, IoT, cloud, B2B and the upcoming deployment of 5G. All of these technologies require more bandwidth, and for the Central Office (CO) in operators' metro networks, it is increasingly more important to address this issue. And if operators don't improve their CO capabilities, Huawei says metro networks will become bottlenecks.

The new metro MS-OTN product, OSN 9800 M24, addresses service bearing requirements on CO nodes by supporting all of the existing services on metro networks while reducing the types of devices to further simplify the network. The services it supports include home broadband, mobile broadband, and High-Quality Leased Line Service, thus ensuring efficiencies across the board.

When it comes to deployments, it uses less power and space. The amount of power and space CO equipment rooms use now is a growing problem as operators increase their capability. Capital expenditure on leasing property and power usage is accounting for a larger share of operational expenditure, which is lowering ROI. Huawei says the OSN 9800 M24 can also share spare parts with the Huawei OSN 9800 and OSN 1800 products. This will simplify Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and improve the ROI for operators that still have the previous model.

“Huawei’s all-service bearing OSN 9800 M24 offers a compact structure, flexible deployment, and easy O&M enabling an OTN-to-CO simplified optical network to be fully implemented in operators' metro networks. Huawei will continue to work closely with global operators to help them build future-oriented cloudified transport networks, enabling them to grow and succeed in the new digital era,” said Richard Jin, the President of Huawei Transport Network Product Line.

The OSN 9800 M24 MS-OTN comes in a single-subrack cross-connection capacity of over 2.4T with continuous expansion to address current and future needs of any size operator for ultra-high bandwidth services. 


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