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Qorvo Expands its High Performance Optical Products

March 23, 2015

The business environment in which companies operate today requires incredible speeds to crunch all the data they accumulate and make sense of it all in a timely manner. With speed becoming such a priority, networks across the world are replacing copper with optical fiber technology. An announcement last year from a joint group of researchers from the Netherlands and the US highlights the potential of this technology—it illustrated a mind-boggling 255 terabits per second speed through a single strand of glass fiber. And while Qorvo is not yet delivering this blazing speed, the company has announced new infrastructure products that will deliver high gain, low power dissipation for long-haul, Metro, and data center applications.

Qorvo, Inc. provides RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and aerospace/defense applications. The addition of this line will expand the company’s portfolio of high performance optical transport products so it can start delivering new multichannel options with low power consumption capabilities.

According to the company, with these systems in place its customers will be able to lower costs, enable market leading channel to channel isolation, maximize integration and fidelity for network equipment manufacturers all in a smaller product form factor. The company started sampling the devices in the fourth quarter of 2014 by allowing tier 1 and 2 network equipment and optical module manufacturers.

“Qorvo products support both limiting and linear transmit and receive through 400G. Qorvo's newly released portfolio of optical infrastructure products provide the building blocks for next-generation optical networks that require increased bandwidth, higher transmission capacity, and lower cost to the network equipment providers,” said James Klein, Qorvo's president of Infrastructure and Defense Products.

The new products are:

  • TGA4960-SL, 100G CFP2 SMT differential in/out quad-channel linear driver for metro and LH applications
  • TGA4893-SL, dual-channel SMT driver for 16QAM 200G/400G linear applications
  • TGA4851-SL, 100G CFP4 and QSFP28 quad-channel SMT driver for emerging extended reach data center applications
  • The company’s expansion also includes new 100G limiting and linear transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) for metro and long haul applications in both dual- and quad-channel versions in its optical portfolio. They include: the TGA4872, 100G DP-QPSK dual-linear TIA and the TGA4874, 100G/400G quad-linear TIA with digital or analog control.

Everyone is demanding faster speeds, but speed alone will not win you the race. However, for many different industries that need data as fast as possible, the latest available technology will always be in demand. By expanding its line, Qorvo can supply the great demand that is out there from datacenters, telcos and others.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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