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Mellanox, RANOVUS to Bring Terabit Specifications to Open Compute Project

March 10, 2015

In a recent industry announcement, Ethernet services and product supplier Mellanox and telecommunications connects developer RANOVUS have stated that they will, as members of the OpenOptics Multi-Source Agreement, contribute wavelength division multiplexing specifications to the Open Compute Project (OCP).

Facebook began the OCP in 2011 as a collaborate industry venture where businesses could openly share their designs of data center products. Mellanox and RANOVUS are pushing the limit of data transfer speeds by introducing a specification that will allow data to move at terabits per second across single fiber lines. This is a jump from the current specification of 100 gigabits per second. Gilad Shainer, the vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies, spoke to that point in his company's announcement.

“Previously, there was no standard for anything beyond 100Gb/s,” Shainer said. “Now, the OCP will have an architecture standard that scales to a terabit and beyond on existing fiber, substantially reduces the cost of hyperscale data center networks.”

Beyond just reaching the terabit level, the new specification will also give rise to data centers using single fiber lines for more than 32 channels of information per strand. Saeid Aramideh, the chief marketing and sales officer for RANOVUS, contributed to the discussion by mentioning the costs savings that this new technology can make available. For companies that need to process large amounts of data at all times of day, the speed which this WDM specification will bring, along with its ability to scale with the growth of companies, lends to aiding the natural growth of demand for data within private entities and their customers.

For giants such as Facebook, data center speed and efficiency has reportedly saved it billions of dollars while also allowing it to meet the needs of its millions of customers who are on the social media website at once. Without advances in custom-designed hardware, it and other global enterprises could not hope to meet their needs without absorbing extreme operating costs. Developments in fiber-based technology such as those from Mellanox and RANOVUS will contribute to lowering those costs while also allowing them to expand at will.

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