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Sensus Shares 'Window into the Unknown'

February 02, 2018

Imperfection is what makes humans unique. While mankind has evolved much in its meager existence, unfortunately, mistakes to happen from time to time. Some errors more costly than others, but nonetheless each impacting our lives in one way or another. In this phase of digital transformation, innovation is alleviating the human component in the data center. And, it’s paying off in a big way.

Say goodbye to human error in your fiber deployment. From fiber panel install to management, Fiber Mountain’s newly unveiled Sensus has got you covered. Large enterprises, government agencies or those seeking to elevate a hyperscale environment,  my conversation with Fiber Mountain Founder & CEO H.M. Raza, delving into the Glass Core Company’s new solution is a must read.

Raza explained, whether it’s a lot fiber or copper cables running through your enterprise data center, they all look the same. Maybe, when Joe data center operator did the install he labeled the cables, maybe he didn’t. Maybe, when required changes or additions were made they are notated on a spreadsheet somewhere in Joe data center operator’s office. Over time the network grows, new switches are added, infrastructure is updated, and with this growth comes more cables – Cables that may or may not be easily identifiable. Spreadsheet, loose leaf paper or napkin, whatever Joe data center uses to keep track of his highly complex data center deployment, may have worked at some point, but the problem of human error need not be an issue – if an enterprise or data center so chooses.

The fact is simple, regardless of how Joe data center operator chooses to document his network – specifically physical infrastructure – each entry is, as Raza put it “To the best of his ability,” but with time comes change and “human errors happen.” What if the entire documentation process was electronically tracked? What if each cable carries a unique ID, so that when plugged in it is automatically identified? What if you attempt to install a 10 meter cable where a six meter cable is intended? In the past, mistakes would be discovered over time, and with the enterprise bottom line paying the price.

Today, Sensus offers a LCD display that will provides unprecedented, real-time insight and visibility in enterprise networks and data centers on the physical level. Raza referred to the display as, “a window into the unknown,” keeping in step with Fiber Mountain’s mantra of “see the invisible.” Joe data center won’t just see Sensus shine during deployment; it continues to deliver value over the complete lifecycle of the network with 100 percent accuracy.

Cables are marked for management, and existing cables can be retrofitted, as well. Raza illustrated that every fiber strand – single or multi – has an identity, “it’s known…we take the mystery out of the physical layer.”

Raza exclaimed, “Everyday we look at the physical layer and, ask how do we make Joe data center operator’s life easy?” Sensus is a strong step in that direction, while others have wrestled with this issue in the past; this is the most comprehensive solution of its kind available today capable of making a three hour problem a three minute problem. Do the math, and see the savings.

The robust solution lights up physical infrastructure to enable operational efficiency improve cost structure and provide the information necessary to predictably manage and grow the network. While Raza couldn’t share specifics, but he did confirm Sensus is in various stages of deployment in hyperscale environments for government and large enterprises.

Those seeking enhanced network control coupled with security (intrusion detection) and automated documentation look no further. The power of automation is unleashed to discover, document and guide Joe the data center operator in the day-to-day and long term operations.

If you have any questions for Raza and the Fiber Mountain team, you can find them at ITEXPO 2018 riding the wave of transformation. See you there!

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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