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#Clinton vs. #Trump vs. #Johnson: Who Will Further Data Center Spend?

October 04, 2016

With the mudslinging season in full swing one thing is for certain: it’s election time. Here in the United States, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton take the main stage with Gary Johnson bringing up the rear. With only about a month before Election Day, the Transforming Network Infrastructure Community decided it was all too relevant to poll you, our loyal readership, on the matter.

Those that frequent the community know we value your insight, and each month we address current events and initiatives having to do with the data center space. Our most recently concluded poll, “Which candidate do you think will have more of a positive impact in the data center market?”offered some interesting results.

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Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc. and now Libertarian candidate for President of the United States has quite a bit of ground to make up in national polls as well as our community poll. Receiving less than 25 percent of support from respondents, Johnson I fear falls victim to being a third party candidate. In relation to tech, he strongly opposes net neutrality, and is a proponent of leveling the playing field for “Main Street” retailers, consumers and local governments. As far as data is concerned, the biggest hit would come to government agencies like the NSA, and their vast array of satellites collecting data on U.S. citizens.

When it comes to Trump, what can I say, the man loves walls. And, that’s exactly what the Internet would have in store if the businessman is elected. Specifically, Trump is set on ensuring American safety via cutting off the Internet to hinder ISIS recruitment. He confirmed the above in a CNN interview in December, noting, “I would certainly be open to closing areas where we are at war with somebody. I don't want to let people that want to kill us use our Internet.” Interestingly enough, Trump garnered more than 36 percent of support in our community poll, yet his policies in regard to tech involve greater control. Does greater control mean greater spend?

On to Hillary Clinton, who we know over recent times has had some tech issues of her own. Clinton edged out Trump with more than 42 percent of support, which I find interesting. If Clinton continues the Obama Administration’s Smart Cities initiative I could easily see data center spend receiving a serious boost, but outside of that it appears her tech focus is security – maybe starting with not taking the convenient way to send emails. She is pro surveillance, which means pro data center – more surveillance = more data, which requires more infrastructure. In a 2014 interview, Clinton told NPR that “collecting information about what's going around the world is essential to our security.”

Digital transformation is turning what we what knew of security, data and communications on its head. And, as the world sits back and enjoys the tomfoolery taking place in American politics, this election cycle will have major ramifications for years to come. Data is driving decision making, and much unlike the rigid architectures of the past, the data center is a necessity –whether physical or virtual.

Make sure your voice is heard in our newest community poll – “Who drives digital transformation initiatives in your organization?”

Edited by Alicia Young

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