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Stratoscale Serves to Simplify and Share Power of the Cloud

June 09, 2016

The cloud was once an unclear proposition. Is it secure? Will my performance suffer? How far can I go by leveraging this nascent technology? Today, most of the doubt and reticence is gone, and we are left with a powerful tool providing a conduit for some serious transformation - from DevOps to the data center the cloud is a game changer.

A firm neck deep in cloud innovation, Stratoscale, as its Founder and CEO Ariel Maislos explained to me at Cloud Expo is, “bringing the cloud to your own environment.”   After three years and more than $70 million in funding from a list of firms including Cisco, Qualcomm and Intel, customer deployment of Stratoscale Symphony started in February and the solution  is earning its stripes.

Maislos noted, “We took the approach that it should be so easy a 3 year old can do it,” and in leveraging Stratoscale’s software-defined data center solution, complexity is swept away and replaced with a user friendly, scalable, robust and powerful environment. He went on to illustrate that this is merely the starting point, as once this foundation is in place users can extend and create a rich ecosystem of its own.

It possesses a very wide customer base, which can be broken down into two primary segments: managed service providers (MSPs) and those who have fallen victim to what Maislos referred to as “OpenStack gone bad.”

The first group contains MSPs that want to provide cloud services to customers, and provide them the ability to build a profitable business that is agile and scalable. Maislos goes on to explain that, “Right now the only other way to achieve this is through a combination of multiple vendors that need to be pieced together.”

Stratoscale helps to create a cloud environment using proprietary hardware, minimizing additional investment and extending the value of one’s current infrastructure. Its product includes virtualization, NFV and scale out storage, in addition to cloud functionality as well as multitenant environments with intelligence, analytics and mediation built in.

OpenStack, by nature, is simply put very complex and difficult to deploy. So many companies don’t have the skill sets to do that, Stratoscale steps in with its OpenStack APIs and out of the box have a high performing, scalabale and simplified solution in place.

For Stratscale it’s not about the bells and whistles, “instead it’s about attitude,” exclaimed Maislos. Each vendor refers to its products as ‘industry leading’ or ‘best in breed’ so IT managers are tasked with taking a “Frankenstein” approach to piece its network together. Stratoscale starts from the ground up, beginning with a high powered foundation and capable of adding the “fancy stuff” down the road.

Maislos illustrated midsize IT teams will reach out and say, “Hey I want what Google has but I can’t do it,” at that point Stratoscale can bridge that with something that works out of the box. If the hardware is in place, a private cloud can be deployed in about a day – the best part being not only have you gained the power of the cloud but Stratoscale is taking advantage of your existing hardware investment, “We will scale and aggregate all that hardware and offer a single cloud environment.”

Another cost effective piece of the Stratoscale pie is its subscription based model, because it “allows you to take advantage of innovation as it happens.” Some vendors – cough, VMware and Oracle, cough – encourage you to purchase their products, so you invest in ‘best in breed’ only to narrowly avoid a coronary incident when the bill comes. Stratoscale keeps it simple, cost is based on the size of the deployment, and with the investment a firm guarantees a network in place comprised of the best of innovation can offer.

“It’s about democratizing the cloud. Giving everybody access to cloud technology. It’s not just for the Web giants,” Maislos exclaimed. His head is deep in the cloud, and Stratoscale is here to do the same for your firm.

Stay tuned, I was teased with some upcoming releases and announcements – and I don’t mean added features here or there, I mean a NEW PRODUCT on the horizon.

This is firm came to play and with one home run already and more to come…who doesn’t love the long ball?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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