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cPacket's Network Treadmill Test Assures Network Infrastructure Performance

March 18, 2015

There is little doubt that the transformation of data center and network operator network infrastructures, along with virtualization, automation, programmability, scalability and agility of the networks themselves, necessitates monitoring and performance. This is true for single locations but is becoming even more important as networking becomes ever more distributed. What it translates to is a network administrator that has the tools necessary to have visibility (aka situational awareness) on a comprehensive basis of all their physical and virtual assets and in real-time. 

The need for such real-time performance information is obvious. Administrators need to be proactive and not just reactive in assuring their operations are not disrupted and that end users constantly have an optimized experience.  

The need for such real-time performance visibility has never been greater.  One company addressing this requirement is Mountain View, California-based cPacket, which has launched Active Test, a new capability for granular, real-time stress testing in any production environment.

 Active Test will be a standard feature across all of cPacket’s cVu-NG product family. As the company explains, Active Test “Complements passive monitoring by challenging the production network above baseline behaviors. Using Active Test, the network operations team can flexibly inject customizable traffic profiles to emulate any desired stress level. Under this extra workload, they can identify bottlenecks that would be missed under ‘normal’ load conditions, experiment with traffic engineering scenarios, and diagnose the impact of network stress on applications behavior.” 

Source: cPacket

“Networks are at the heart of business. Therefore, it is critical to maintain their reliability and consistent performance,” said Dr. Rony Kay, founder and CEO of cPacket Networks. “cPacket’s new network treadmill test aims to root-out risks before they lead to disaster. This is similar to your doctor prescribing a treadmill stress test to proactively identify potential health risks.”

As noted, Active Test is an element of cPacket’s Integrated Network Health solutions. It will be available 2Q 2015 for all cVu-NG products as a free firmware upgrade.

cPacket has taken a holistic approach to providing what is described as Pervasive Network Intelligence.  The company is leveraging what it promotes as its unique Smart Ports technology which is based on its Algorithmic Fabric Chip. The solutions are designed to provide network administrations a unified approach to:

  • Performance assurance
  • Proactive mitigation of imminent issues
  • Real-time trouble shooting

In a world where downtime translates into significant lost revenues and possibly lost customers in just a matter of minutes, having the visibility to react quickly is now table stakes.  However, given what is at stake, being able to monitor network health in real-time in order to avoid disruptions in the first place and assure users have the highest quality experiences now in a close second place. 

The term “proactive” is rightfully becoming commonplace in discussions about all ICT capabilities. Let’s face it, being offline or less than wonderful can be catastrophic. Hence, having the ability to anticipate problems or needs, prior to the fact rather than after, is now falling into the category of “mission critical.”  That said, in the networking world it is impossible to be proactive without visibility and control.  We get stress tests to monitor our health so we can be proactive, and financial institutions are now stress tested to assure we do not flirt with a global banking meltdown. It just makes good operational and business sense that network infrastructures are comprehensively stress tested as well. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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