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Bringing Data Center Space to Underserved Areas

June 29, 2015

As the world continues to become increasingly interconnected, technology and communications companies are striving to provide improved access to high-speed Internet, especially in underserved and rural areas. 

We had the chance to speak with Rob DeVita, Chief Sales Officer of Fifteenfortyseven at the recent Telecom Exchange New York Conference 2015 to discuss this trend, and how it is helping the data center space market evolve. The New Jersey-based company currently has three data center campuses in the U.S.—Orangeburg, New York, Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Oahu, Hawaii—but is expecting expansion over the next year as a result of more content and service providers’ desire to deliver their respective products more quickly, and with greater reliability.

“The edge is moving in. We have content providers and media companies trying to get their content closer to the end users,” DeVita told Erik Linask in a video interview at the conference. He went on to explain that this push is primarily an attempt to, “improve performance, mostly on a latency perspective for a lot of video applications,” which makes sense, given the proliferation of Over-the-Top streaming services internationally. 

As a result, DeVita said, there is a need for data centers to be closer to the underserved customers. Take the example of the campus Fifteenfortyseven operates in Oahu, Hawaii. “They’re almost starved of quality data center space,” DeVita said, adding, “Our facility has really added a lot of value to the island.” Before the addition of the facility, DeVita said, there were only two data center spaces in the state. 

Video is indisputably disrupting several markets simultaneously, but as DeVita explained, it is also fueling growth, and pushing a movement for improved access to high-speed Internet. The key in capitalizing on this trend, according to DeVita is to “be in the right place at the right time,” which can be anywhere—even Hawaii.

“Go and find these key assets across the U.S,” he added. That’s exactly what Fifteenfortyseven appears to be doing, as it expects three to five new campuses within the next 12 months, and they will all be in areas the company considers “underserved” in terms of whole sale data center space.

For more details about these forthcoming expansions, and for other compelling insights—including the origin of the Fifteenfortyseven’s name—watch the full video interview, posted below.

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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