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TMCNet:  Unicorn Media To Provide Dynamic Ad Insertion for Net2TV's Portico Smart TV Service

[February 20, 2013]

Unicorn Media To Provide Dynamic Ad Insertion for Net2TV's Portico Smart TV Service

TEMPE, Ariz., Feb. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Unicorn Media will be providing dynamic ad insertion services for Net2TV's Portico TV. Using the patented Unicorn Once(TM) solution, Net2TV can monetize its Portico Smart TV programming service through traditional 15- and 30-second interstitial television ads, dynamically inserted into traditional commercial breaks, then monitor ad performance in real-time.

Unicorn Media is the market leader in Internet video solutions that allow the world's largest publishers to easily deliver and monetize live or VOD content on any IP-enabled device in the world. Unicorn Once(TM) enables publishers to ingest one feed one time, and dynamically insert targeted ads via a single URL -- with no SDK or plug-in required. Unicorn Once(TM) delivers to Smart TVs as well as Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, set-top boxes and more.

Net2TV's cloud-based Portico TV service delivers to connected televisions free, traditional program-length shows produced by world-renowned brands like, Discovery's Revision3, Popular Science and The Wall Street Journal. The service is available now on all Philips Smart TVs (models 2011 and later) in the U.S.

"We're excited to work with Net2TV to enhance their content-monetization capabilities as they provide more programming choices to their viewers," said Bill Rinehart, Unicorn Media founder and CEO. "With our patented Unicorn Once(TM) technology, Net2TV can provide the best possible viewing experience while monetizing their advanced Portico Smart TV service by inserting highly targeted ads anywhere in the stream." "Unicorn Media is an important strategic partner for us," said Tom Morgan, CEO of Net2TV. "We think TV should feel like TV. This means it needs to be relevant, easy-to-navigate and free. Monetizing our programming is a cornerstone in our ability to do this." About Net2TVNet2TV Corporation is a smart TV media company that delivers free, cloud-based, ad-supported programming on its Portico TV service. The company is headed by industry veterans from MTV/Nickelodeon, Black Arrow, NBC, TiVo and Netflix.

Net2TV works with established media brands and emerging independent producers to develop full 30- or 60-minute television programs for Smart TVs. Net2TV's Portico TV service carries online TV programming like Discovery's Revision3 and CBS Interactive's, and traditional print media brands including WSJ Live from The Wall Street Journal, Bonnier's Popular Science and indie films from CINEQUEST. Portico programming is updated daily and new types of entertainment and informational programming will be added in the future.

The company was started in May 2012 and launched its Portico TV service in December 2012 on Philips Smart TVs (2011 models and later) in the U.S. Net2TV is based in Redwood City, Calif. For more information, visit

About Unicorn Media, Inc.Unicorn Once(TM) is a game changer in the Smart TV and Internet video sectors, giving publishers and broadcasters new ways to generate ad revenue across their content libraries.

Unicorn Media, Inc. is the leading provider of Internet video solutions that enable companies to maximize IP video profitability for live and VOD content. Our patented technology, Unicorn Once(TM), allows customers to ingest video content one time and deliver it to every Internet-connected device via a single URL. OnceVOD(TM) and OnceLIVE(TM) allow content owners to monetize their content on any device by dynamically inserting targeted ads and analyzing content and ad performance in real-time on every platform, allowing for on-the-fly changes to maximize profitability. For more information, go to

All (TM) trademarks, ® registered trademarks and (SM) service marks are the property of their respective owners.

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