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TMCNet:  Koala Jo Publishing® Announces 101+ Real-Life Gifts with New Smartphone Games when Played to Completion

[January 10, 2013]

Koala Jo Publishing® Announces 101+ Real-Life Gifts with New Smartphone Games when Played to Completion

(PR Web Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) San Francisco (PRWEB) January 10, 2013 Widely presumed to be a mark of epic change by ancient Mayans, this iconic date also marks a day of transformation for Koala Jo Publishing®, which is kicking off its mobile game division, KJ Gamez™ with ten family-friendly apps. The games with titles such as Space Koalas, Dream Koalas, and Happy Koalas also include an interactive coloring book Koala Coloring Book as well as the Klassic Koalas Master Collection, which consists of thirteen popular Koala Jo books compiled into one attractive app for the iPad.

  With an additional five games that are in the wings and slated for release in January, KJ Gamez™ is poised to feature entertaining, socially-conscious Apple and Android Smartphone games centered around a koala rag doll avatar, simply known as "KJ hero." Inspired by shamanic powers attributed to the koala by ancient Aboriginals, the player is invited to dive into worlds where everything is possible. KJ helps conquer fears, achieve the impossible, re-invent, transcend universes and known realities.

  Each game comes with free gifts when played to completion. The prizes consist of a combination of tangible goods and Koala Jo assets in addition to dozens of family-friendly offers, promotions, coupons and deals from reputable sources. Freebies are updated daily so gifts may differ slightly based on the time that a game is played to the end.

  Games now available on, and Google Play: Koala Museum; Dream Koalas; Pop Art Koalas; Happy Koalas; Space Koalas; Magic Koalas; Smart Koalas; Snow Koalas. Apps: Koala Coloring Book; Klassic Koalas Master Collection (thirteen books in one app).

Features: • Created for smart phones, KJ Gamez also work well on iPads and other tablets.

• Different levels of entertainment include stunning visuals, music and sounds.

• Multiple stages were designed for any age group and skill set in mind.

• High endurance gameplay leads to epic wins with multiple prizes in wait.

• Clean user Interface with consistent menu structure throughout each game.

   •  Easy access to pause button, instructions, sound settings, and scores.

   •  Online leaderboards encourage players to become global collaborators.

Benefits: • Reward ingenuity with 101+ free gifts when a game is played to the end! • Let a small koala teach by example that fears are only real if we allow them to be.

• Learn about global and environmental relationships while following your passions.

• Value delayed gratification, perseverance, in bringing projects to completion.

• Improve brain power skills such as problem solving and increased attention.

• Exercise the mind, test your logic skills, and ponder the realm of optical illusions • Solving visual logic puzzles (Smart Koalas) enhancing brain flexibility and speed.

  Availability:   • Apple ITunes, Amazon apps, GooglePlay • Games specific page: or (mobile) • Web:  • Twitter: @KJ_Gamez • Facebook: • Contact:   About Koala Jo Publishing:   Koala Jo Publishing was originally formed to raise awareness of the plight of the koala. The koala is been  declared an endangered species, is under threat from habitat loss, disease and human intrusions. KJ Gamez™ features entertaining, socially conscious Apple and Android smartphone games centered around a koala rag doll avatar,  simply known as "KJ hero." Inspired by shamanic powers attributed to the koala by ancient Aboriginals, KJ helps conquer fears, encourages the player to achieve the impossible, explores character reinvention, transcends universes and known realities.

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