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TMCNet:  BidOnMyJob LLC an Iowa Startup, Aims to Compete with Giants like CraigsList, ServiceMagic, and Angie's List

[December 17, 2012]

BidOnMyJob LLC an Iowa Startup, Aims to Compete with Giants like CraigsList, ServiceMagic, and Angie's List

Johnston, Iowa, Dec 17, 2012 ( via COMTEX) -- BidOnMyJob, LLC (, a small town two person startup in Johnston, IA aims to take on giants like Craigslist, ServiceMagic, and Angie's List. BidOnMyJob.Com allows anyone needing work done to post a job that will automatically notify industry experts via e-mail and SMS/Text messaging. This website is the only product on the market that brings the competitive bidding process to the average consumer and SMB's.

What started 6 months ago as a discussion between two best friends is now a reality. On December 14, 2012, Derrick Hans of Ankeny, IA and Nathan Gibson of Johnston, Iowa launched their website The two have been working on the website since August, 2012 when the company was officially formed.

BidOnMyJob.Com allows consumers and businesses to post service industry related jobs. These jobs can be posted immediately, on a future date, or on a reoccurring basis. Once the job is live, contractors get notified via SMS/text message and have the ability to review the details of the job and provide a bid. Once the bidding process has closed, the job poster can view the details of each quote, consumer reviews for the business providing the quote, and any licensing documentation the bidder provided with the quote.

Another important feature BidOnMyJob.Com uses it is social media integration. Every job posted on BidOnMyJob.Com has a public website that can be shared by the poster on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. According to Nathan Gibson this is one of the websites most important features: "Have you ever heard someone say "Hey, I know a friend that can do that!" or have you asked someone "Do, you know someone who can fix this ". This is what we are trying to harness. You have a huge network out there at your fingertips. Chances are there is someone that knows someone who can and wants to fix it for you. And the reality is, they [the business] are spending large amounts of money on advertising trying to find you. This results in higher prices and wasted time for everyone. We aim to fix that!" While the business is just starting, the owners have high hopes for 2013 aiming to get 2000 new Jobs posted and over 500 contractors active. Derrick Hans said the company is focusing on the Des Moines, IA and surround areas for now, but he does anticipate the that the viral nature of the platform will help it expand rapidly.

About BidOnMyJob, LLC Aiming to redefine "Social Services", BidOnMyJob.Com offers free online job postings for consumers needing services, and businesses wanting to fulfill those services. Businesses wanting to see advertised jobs can view and submit bids as well as get notified on new jobs. Job posters are able to view bids submitted by the businesses as well as user ratings from other users that have worked with that business.

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