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TMCNet:® Opportunity Management Boosts Medical Lab Volume to Offset Falling Reimbursements

[February 15, 2012]® Opportunity Management Boosts Medical Lab Volume to Offset Falling Reimbursements

INDIANAPOLIS --(Business Wire)--®, a division of Bostech®, a leading provider of enterprise cloud solutions, announced the release of its Opportunity Management solution, a key component of its Healthcare Relationship Management™ SaaS (News - Alert) ("software-as-a-service") product offering. The Opportunity Management solution helps medical laboratories establish a unique advantage in providing the best customer service possible by equipping representatives with real-time insight into all client activities. Using the Opportunity Management solution, medical labs are able to transition from a reactive cultivation of existing accounts to high performance organizations generating significant, quantifiable value to the lab and its clients. Given the growing demand to focus on generating volume from both new and existing accounts, the Opportunity Management solution is a powerful and timely solution for the medical laboratory industry.

"The Opportunity Management solution is the only lab-specific opportunity valuation tool that, by providing panel-specific and specialty-specific revenue calculations, minimizes forecasting errors and improves the accuracy and consistency of the lab's sales pipeline," says Brad Bostic,'s chief executive officer. " Opportunity Management also links directly with internal lab processes to compare actual client volume against projected volume. Within a few days, rather than months or years, labs can be up and running with Opportunity Management."

Medical labs face significant challenges coordinating the actions of all departments in order to deliver a truly personalized experience to each client. Disparate data systems utilized by sales, client service, and operations have resulted in information silos that make a comprehensive view of each client nearly impossible. A breakdown in communication, frequently due to the siloed and fragmented information environment, can result in poor client experiences and lackluster sales results. By providing a representative with real-time notifications covering any potential issues, laboratory clients receive proactive, timely service resolutions. In order to efficiently build client portfolios, medical laboratories also need to be able to actively track prospective client needs and requests, identifying those providers that require attention at any given time.

The Opportunity Management solution extends real-time measurement to sales activity, productivity, and results. Serving as a central repository for all actions throughout the sales and client service process, the Opportunity Management solution is accessible via a standard Internet browser and on mobile devices, making it convenient for sales reps to log their activities and check for any last-minute developments before a client meeting. With key information such as wins and losses, volume of calls, number of meetings, and size of pipeline during a given time period available in a central location, it is possible for executive leadership to measure the return on each activity. This real-time visibility turns data into actionable information that customers can utilize to identify key opportunities, pinpoint both individual and team strengths and weaknesses, and generate repeatable success.

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The® Healthcare Relationship Management™ service (a Bostech® Innovation) combines cloud-based healthcare CRM, real-time dashboards and alerts, and secure messaging to optimize the relationships between healthcare professionals and improve the quality of healthcare. With, labs are able to manage the entire client lifecycle from a secure web browser by gaining a 360-degree view of each client relationship. By unifying data silos and delivering automated alerts, each department can proactively address issues and capitalize on opportunities while creating a personalized client experience. Bostech's healthcare clients include McKesson RelayHealth®, know error®, Alere®, St. Vincent Health®, and South Bend Medical Foundation®. View a 2-minute video overview of at

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