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TMCNet:  Men's Health to Publish First Fully Interactive Advertising Magazine

[April 22, 2008]

Men's Health to Publish First Fully Interactive Advertising Magazine

NEW YORK --(Business Wire)-- Men's Health, the largest men's lifestyle magazine brand in the world, has partnered with SnapTell, the leading provider of image recognition-based mobile marketing solutions, to create the first fully interactive advertising magazine in America. Men's Health's July/August summer issue, hitting newsstands June 24, will feature enabled or "live" ads for readers to receive real-time promotional information from advertisers.

Using SnapTell's Snap.Send.Get mobile marketing technology, readers will snap a photo of any advertisement in the issue with their cell phone or photo-enabled mobile device to send (or short code) to SnapTell, where an immediate promotional bounce-back will be sent to their device. The initiative offers a great deal of flexibility for marketers to provide instant brand messaging, sales incentives such as product samples and discounts, sweepstakes information, and links to websites, photos and videos--at no cost to the advertiser. The technology is compatible with all cell phone providers and does not require special software for downloading advertiser images.

"The partnership provides a benefit to both consumers and marketers--it's a unique opportunity for our advertisers to have an immediate, direct conversation with our readers," said Jack Essig, VP/Publisher of Men's Health, "and for consumers to realize a more interactive experience with our brand. We want to show agility in the digital space and true accountability for our clients."

"Men's Health is a great vehicle for advertisers to reach millions of men nationwide," said G.D. Ramkumar, co-founder and CTO of SnapTell. "We are thrilled to be working with such a marquee publishing house and believe their audience will enjoy the ability to get desired information on the go."

Advertisers already participating in the July/August issue include Axe, Samsung, Westin, and PowerAde.

About Men's Health (

Men's Health is the largest men's lifestyle magazine brand in the world with 38 editions worldwide. Published 10 times a year in the U.S. by Rodale, Men's Health is the best-selling men's magazine on newsstands, each month providing its 11 million readers with the latest information on all aspects of a guy's life including health, fitness, fashion, nutrition, relationships, travel, technology and finance. The magazine has garnered numerous accolades in the industry including several appearances on Advertising Age's "A List", Adweek's "Hot List" and Capell's Circulation Report, which recently named the magazine "Best Newsstand Performer of the Decade." Men's Health Editor-in-Chief David Zinczenko was just named "Editor of the Year" by Adweek shortly after the title secured the top spot on their "Brand Leaders Hot List" in 2006. The magazine has also received a National Magazine Award in the personal service category. In 2004, Men's Health launched Best Life, the fastest-growing magazine for discerning, accomplished men and also publishes several branded books, DVDs, special interest publications and the online subscription service

About SnapTell

SnapTell is revolutionizing the way consumers and marketers connect. Using a camera phone and SnapTell's innovative image-recognition technology, users can easily and instantly access requested information and content. Marketers can effortlessly create high-impact campaigns using existing collateral and can alter their messaging on the fly in response to SnapTell-provided actionable metrics. Currently, the company is in discussions with major brands and agencies with SnapTell solution deployment expected in the upcoming weeks. For further information on the company visit:

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