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[September 15, 2005]

Voxilla Unveils ``At Your Service''; Delivers Fully Integrated Provisioning, Fulfillment and Support Resource for ITSPs

SAN FRANCISCO --(Business Wire)-- Sept. 15, 2005 -- Next week at Fall VON 2005 in Boston, Voxilla will introduce "Voxilla: At Your Service," a new VoIP industry support initiative.

Voxilla: At Your Service (AYS) is a comprehensive provisioning, fulfillment and support resource geared toward assisting Internet Telephone Service Providers (ITSPs) so they can maximize market penetration while minimizing the costs of creating, growing and maintaining a subscriber base.

"The beauty of AYS is that it allows service providers to focus on what they do best -- ensuring optimal IP-based telephone service -- by outsourcing much of the costly and labor-intensive customer service chores to a company with vast experience in the field," said Lon Lazar, Vice President of Sales at Voxilla, Inc. "The work we do with major VoIP providers, as well as our own direct work with thousands of end-users, has provided us with solid knowledge and understanding about what VoIP customers need and are looking for."

Lazar said that the AYS platform has been in full-fledged beta operation with a number of different service providers for several months, among them IP-based voice providers Next-Networks, ThinkBright and broadband alarm service provider Next Alarm. "The response has been overwhelmingly positive," said Lazar, noting that each provider "has saved substantial time and money by reducing their inventory and labor costs."

The proprietary AYS system is based on software designed and developed by Voxilla Chief Technical Officer Paul Crick. AYS allows seamless communication between the ITSP and Voxilla and offers the ITSP detailed reporting of all customer interaction with AYS.

"Our servers hold the ITSP's profile templates, which are then customized per device and per customer," said Crick. "When the customer first plugs the device in, the profile is requested from our servers, the device is then fully configured and able to make and receive calls.

"The ITSP receives daily batch notices about units shipped to each customer, including customer identification, device MAC address and serial number, along with the package's tracking information," said Crick.

Currently, AYS supports all SIP-based VoIP devices manufactured by Cisco Systems, Grandstream, Leadtek, Linksys and Sipura (now part of Linksys) and will soon support other manufacturers, including Polycom.

As a leading distributor of VoIP hardware, Voxilla maintains a robust and efficient fulfillment operation with the ability to offer same day service to end users in the U.S., Canada and, soon, much of Europe.

Lazar said that AYS offers service providers the ability to give their customers both pre- and post-sale support and serves as the device manufacturer's primary warranty representative, taking responsibility for handling return and replacement of any defective devices as well as promising replacement of defective devices within one business day.

"Voxilla is highly regarded in the VoIP community for its fulfillment and customer service operations," said Lazar. "We are tested and trusted so service providers of all sizes are anxious to tap into our experience."

Voxilla: At Your Service will make its debut at PulverMedia's Fall VON 2005 on Monday, September 19th.

For more information about Voxilla: At Your Service, please visit the web site at

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