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[September 01, 2004]

Infotonics and IntelliSense Announce Strategic Alliance at COMS 2004

ALBERTA, Canada & BOSTON --(Business Wire)-- Sept. 1, 2004 -- Infotonics Technology Center and IntelliSense Software announced a strategic alliance aimed at lowering the barriers to entry in the MEMS market. The alliance will offer a "total MEMS solution" including market research services, design kits, CAD/EDA tools for MEMS based on IntelliSense's market leading IntelliSuite(R) product, design services, chip prototyping services, MEMS and optical packaging services, and pilot production facilities. Both companies will combine resources to develop MEMS and nanotechnology prototypes and move technologies into high yield and low cost commercial markets quickly and efficiently.

IntelliSense's design team will join forces with Infotonics' MEMS and nanotechnology prototyping facility. Infotonics, based in Canandaigua NY, is a not for profit consortium. Infotonics is a partnership between New York state government, the private sector, the federal government and 20 academic institutions. New York state government has provided $28 M and Kodak, Corning and Xerox have contributed nearly $45 M. Today, the Infotonics consortium participants extends to the Rochester Photonics Cluster, a cluster of over 60 companies pursuing optical technologies

A full range of MEMS chip fabrication, packaging, testing and even pilot line manufacturing will be made available. Infotonics is housed in a 123,000-square-foot facility with 22,000 square feet of clean room space. IntelliSense's IntelliSuite MEMS CAD/EDA tools will be available to the consortium members and development partners at a discounted rate. Xerox's ATP hybrid SOI process will also be available as a foundation processes, it will allow users far more flexibility than other standardized processes such as MUMPS or SUMMiT. Kodak has contributed its renowned advanced packaging research facilities for packaging next generation MEMS and photonics devices.

IntelliSense will act as the primary design house for Infotonics and will use Infotonics as its primary development partner.

The subsidized Infotonics services will act as a complement to the industry. Once products are developed and are at a pilot stage they can be then transferred to a commercial foundry for production.

IntelliSense CEO, Sandeep Akkaraju, remarked that "Our alliance with Infotonics is aimed at providing companies across the United States a total solution to market at a low cost. Customers will benefit from the remarkable synergy between the two innovative companies. IntelliSense is the leading CAD/EDA vendor and design house for MEMS while Infotonics competencies lie in world-class fabrication, packaging and assembly expertise."

IntelliSense is the leading supplier of solutions for the MEMS professional. Its IntelliSuite(TM) family of CAD tools ignited the MEMS industry in the 90's and is now used by universities and corporations. IntelliSense offers software tools and custom design, prototyping, consulting, and market research services to universities, blue-chip companies, and startups worldwide. With users in over 20 countries, and partnerships with dozens of leading MEMS research institutes, IntelliSense is recognized as the leading innovator in MEMS design and development.

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